WLR FM Interview with Intro’s Feargal

November 4, 2013 by admin

According to a just published survey by Meteor we in Ireland are a suspicious bunch, with a third of us unable to resist temptation when it comes to sneaking a peak at our partner’s Smartphone.  But suspicions over our loved one’s ‘text’ life are bad news for lasting relationships says Intro’s Feargal…

One third of Smartphone users snoop on their partner’s ‘text-ual’ behaviours

Meteor’s survey, which reviews the various levels and aspects of dependency that modern users in Ireland have on their Smartphones, reveals some striking statistics.  A huge one third of the people questioned by the phone giant freely admitted to taking a sneaky peak at texts, photos, videos and call history in search of compromising content while their partner’s back was turned.  More than half of those who admitted to this behaviour were women. However, over half of the men said that they regularly cleared their browsing history, compared with just 34& of women, suggesting that the men of Ireland may have more to hide.

The most suspicious were 18-to-24 year olds, of which half admitted to checking their other half’s phone for dodgy content. Over 35s were the most secure in their relationships with 70% claiming they don’t check their partners’ phones.

Smartphones are killing real communication in Ireland’s modern dating scene says Intro’s Feargal

So just why are such a large proportion of young Irish couples tempted to doubt their nearest and dearest when it comes to their ‘text-ual’ life? Intro’s Feargal, talking to Billy McCarthy yesterday on Wlr Fm’s Deise Am, believes that the seeds of suspicion and paranoia are often sown early in an online dating scene where lies are often the norm and it’s all too easy to ‘screen’ the truth.

You can catch Feargal’s interview here or listen back to the full hour over on the WLR FM website