When To Make The Relationship Exclusive

April 28, 2014 by admin

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At Intro, we use our professional matchmaking skills to ensure that dating in Ireland is no longer a chore but a joy.  You use our services, meet someone great, and now want to make it exclusive.  But you wonder – Is it too early?  How do I bring it up?  What if they’re not interested?  Worry no more, as Intro offers our tips for when to make the relationship exclusive.


There’s no definitive timeline.

Let’s get this first point out of the way.  There’s no definitive timeline for when to make it exclusive.  For some relationships, it’s after a week, a month, 3 months, etc.  There are too many other important factors to consider, so let’s leave time aside.


Be mindful of their words towards exclusivity.

If they’re being clear about not wanting to make it exclusive, you need to pay attention to this.  When you’re out and see other couples, do they yearn for the same thing?  Or are they happy with your present casual relationship?  People will usually tell you what you need to know.  We just need to listen.


Notice their excitement about being with you.

Not everybody needs to express what he or she is feeling with words.  If your partner is always excited to be with you, then it’s a great sign.  What are some things to notice?  Their face lights up when they first see you.  They’re always thrilled to spend time with you.  They’re starting to make long-term future plans with you.  These are all good indicators that they want to become exclusive.


Meeting the friends and family.

When your partner invites you to meet their close friends and family, it’s another good sign that the relationship is ready to be exclusive.  Notice how the friends and family interact with you too.  Does the Mom tell you how you’re the best one yet?  Do their friends say how much your partner talks about you?


You already act like an exclusive couple.

Sometimes, we don’t even realize that we’re spending every day together.  You do dinner together most nights.  You steal away from work for a quick coffee.  You make excuses to see one another, even if it’s only for a quick kiss.  These are clear signs that you’re both committed to each other and likely want to be exclusive.


A dating agency as unique as you.

Intro acknowledges that every relationship is just as unique as the individuals involved in it.  These are just a few signs that your partner is looking to make your relationship exclusive.  For more personalized assistance with dating in Ireland, please contact Intro today.