What Are The Signs That It’s Okay To Go In For The First Kiss?

May 13, 2014 by admin

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You’ve tried Irish dating sites without success for years. Thankfully, you’ve located Intro’s professional dating service. We’ve located a perfect match for you. Now, you’re on your date and all is going well. Yet, the one question on your mind is: What are the signs that it’s okay to go in for the first kiss? Let us use our expertise in answering this one for you.

Pay attention to their eyes.

They say that the eyes are the windows to an individual’s soul. They’re also good indicators, if a person is looking for a kiss. As the night progresses, take note of your date’s eyes and where they linger. If you see that they tend to look at your lips, it’s a good sign that they’re thinking about kissing them.

Notice if there’s lots of body contact.

Some people show their comfort with another person through touch. Has your date touched your hand? Have they brazed your arm purposely? Are they tapping their foot against yours? Gentle contact is another good sign that they’re ready for the first kiss.

Effort is made to keep their breath fresh.

After a drink or sharing in a meal, see if your date takes a mint or a piece of gum. They may be keeping themselves minty fresh to ensure that your first kiss is a tasty one.

Listen to their words.

As the date progresses, listen closely to their words and tone. Are they positive and excited? Do they show a lot of enthusiasm during the conversation? If all is going well, then it’s likely a good sign that you can initiate the first kiss.

Awkward pauses at end of date.

It’s the end of the date and everything has been going great up until now. Now, you’re both starting to act a bit awkward. This is likely a sign that you both aren’t sure how to end the date. It’s time to lean in and share in your first kiss.

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These are just a few signs that it’s okay to go in for the first kiss. As well, you can always simply ask your date, if you can kiss them. It’s best to err on the side of being respectful. Your date will appreciate you for doing so. For these tips and much more, please contact us. Intro is your professional matchmaker ready to assist you with your dating needs.