Top 5 Ways To Say You’re Dumped

May 24, 2014 by admin

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As professional matchmakers, we are well aware that dating can be a difficult process. You have to search for that special someone. Go on a number of dates with some not so special one’s. Finally, you find the person that you connect with. It’s going great, but then it starts to turn sour. You start to dread seeing them, but you’re not sure how to end it. We’ve put together the collective experiences of our matchmakers and come up with our top 5 ways to say, “You’re Dumped.”

1. I feel like we’re no longer compatible to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

Here at Intro, we always advocate for a break up that is free of blame. You already know that you want to end it. There’s no need to make a laundry list of reasons why.

2. I can no longer give you what you’re looking for in a relationship.

This one helps when you’re in a relationship and feel like your partner is constantly disappointed in you. It clearly lets them know that you understand that you’re not right for them and it’s best to end the relationship.

3. I truly like you, but I can’t see this going any further at this time.

It happens that two people come together and it’s not the right timing. You could both be starting your careers or other issues prevent it from working. It’s best to acknowledge your love for them, but that the relationship can’t happen at this present moment.

4. Our priorities no longer match up with each other’s priorities.

People change and this is just a reality of life. At the start, everything may have been great; however, now they’re not. This simple statement acknowledges that truth and lets you both off without having to own the responsibility.

5. It’s best that we both move on and look for others that we can love.

Sometimes, we still want the other person in our life. If you have no intention of being with them again, then make it clear. Otherwise, you leave them waiting for you to return to them some day.

We truly hope that these 5 ways to say you’re dumped will assist you in ending a present or future relationship. Once you’re ready to consider dating again, feel free to contact Intro and take advantage of the skills of our professional matchmakers.