What dating women do not want in Irish manTips for Dating in Ireland

At Intro, we work as Irish matchmakers and take great pride in what we do. We meticulously spend our time getting to know you, locating the perfect match, and then organizing your first date. As well, we provide helpful advice to our suitors. This includes sharing our top 5 things women DON’T want in a man on a first date.
1. Having a superiority complex

It’s a first date and we get that you want to show off your best self. Be sure that you’re not the best at everything. If you talk down to the waiter sharing the wine menu, you’re being rude. If you try to top all of her stories, you’re being a jerk.
2. Inappropriately dressed

Know where your date is located and dress accordingly. You’re not going to impress your date arriving in a suit for a casual coffee date. Likewise, an ill fitted t-shirt with raunchy humour on it won’t get you far at a fine dining restaurant.
3. Being too clingy.

If within minutes of meeting, you’re already seated with an arm around her – you’ve gone too far. You may want to show that you’re definitely interested, but you can do that with your attention. Instead of physically clinging to her, emotionally be there for her by listening and maintaining eye contact.
4. Refusing to try new things.

If she recommends hiking, then get excited about the possibility. If you share about the one time that you did it and how much you hated it, she’s going to lose interest in you. Just because it wasn’t your thing before, doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy doing it for the first time with her.
5. Inability to laugh at himself.

It’s a first date, so it should be a fun experience. Let her get in a few mild digs towards you. Laugh them off to show that you have the ability to take a joke. Even toss a few soft verbal jabs back at her. It lets her know that you know how to have a good time and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Intro is in the business of creating long lasting relationships. As professional matchmakers, we’ve had the opportunity to set up numerous successful relationships. The first date is key and this is why we’ve shared our top 5 things women don’t want in a man on the first date. Call us know to start planning a great relationship