Rude woman waves away server while dating in irelandAs a professional Irish matchmaking dating agency

Intro gets to know you, lines up a perfect match, and as a bonus, we set up the first date. First dates can be stressful for both parties. To help put you at ease, we’ve put together our top 5 things men DON’T want in a woman on a first date.
1. Being guarded.

You don’t need to share it all on the first date, but you do need to give a bit. If there’s one thing that men aren’t looking for is a person who’s guarded. A little bit of mystery can keep a guy interested, but locking the gates and surrounding yourself with a moat is sure to keep him too far away.
2. Discussing other men.

If you want to make a guy feel insecure, then comment on the other guys at the bar. If you spend the date discussing your previous relationships, he is likely going to feel uncomfortable. It’s a first date, focus on the present, and leave the past partners out of the conversation.
3. Acting rude.

Even if you’re incredibly kind towards him, it’s unwise to be rude to others. Watch how you speak to the service staff and how you speak about those in your life. If he notices that you’re trash talking your friends, he’s going to wonder what you’ll be saying about him after the date.
4. Living in the future.

Depending on your age, discussing the future will take more precedence in the conversation. If you spend the first date discussing the five-year plan for you two, it’s not going to bode well for you. It’s okay to check that his interests line up with yours. But, it’s a first date, not a lifetime commitment.
5. Engaging in a power struggle.

Playful banter is one thing, disagreeing over everything leads to a disappointing date. You’re welcome to assert yourself, just be aware, if you’re allowing him to do the same thing. There’s nothing wrong with a strong and confident individual, but if you’re doing it at the expense of others, then you’ve gone too far.


Intro offers the option of setting up the first date for you. We’ll ensure that you’re both comfortable in the environment. By following our top 5 tips on what men don’t want in a woman on a first date, it’ll aid you two in having a successful first date. Call us now to get started on your matchmaking journey.