Top 5 Qualities Women Want In A Man

June 11, 2014 by admin

woman-looking-lovingly-at-manAdvice for dating in Ireland

Dating in Ireland can be a frustrating experience for many men.  Here at Intro, we pride ourselves on being experts at matchmaking.  We’ve developed this expertise by getting to know our clients and providing top notch services for them.  Through this work, we’ve discovered the top 5 qualities women want in a man.


Women appreciate a man who’s intelligent.  This can be academically and/or ‘street smarts.’  Whatever intelligence you have, use it wisely.  If you simply talk down to her and/or brag about your many degrees, it will be a definite turn off.  If you kindly offer up your thoughts and back them up intelligently, then you’re bound to impress.


A generous man is far more interesting to a woman than one who is not.  Your generousity can exist in many different ways.  Do you compliment her?  Do you hold the door open for her?  Have you recently helped out a family member?  Demonstrate that you care for others and it will indicate to her that you will do the same for her.


Many men think romance requires over the top declarations at great financial expense.  This is simply not true.  Romance can be in small gestures.  Rubbing her neck, when you notice that she’s in pain.  Bringing dinner over, when you know she’s had a long day at work.  Romantic gestures are those that let your partner know that you are thinking of them.


A man with confidence is going to attract more women.  We are not indicating that you should be cocky or rude, just be confident in your every move.  As well, you can be confident in what you don’t know.  This lets her know that you’re comfortable with not knowing and willing to learn.  Best of all, be confident both in and out of the bedroom.


Be yourself, when it comes to being funny.  Don’t become a caricature.  If you’re naturally clumsy, then own it and laugh at yourself.  If you’re a great storyteller, then share them with ease.  If you love to share jokes, then do so.  A man who can make a woman laugh is going to go far.

Intro hopes that you’ll utilize these top 5 qualities to navigate a successful relationship.  Don’t hesitate to contact us; our professional matchmakers are always here for you.  We get to know you, locate the perfect match, and even assist with organizing the first date.