Top 5 Qualities Men Want In A Woman

June 17, 2014 by admin

Man staring lovingly at woman in barIntro Matchmaking – A personal alternative to online dating websites

There’s a reason why Intro is your perfect choice for a professional matchmaking service in Ireland. First, we get you away from dating websites. Second, we personalize our service to meet your needs. Third, we locate the perfect match and even plan the first date. Finally, we offer excellent dating advice. With this in mind, we present our top 5 qualities that men want in a woman.

When men are looking for a woman, they are looking for somebody that they can trust. They want to know that you will keep your word. They want to feel comfortable to share their deepest thoughts. Men can often feel insecure and if they can’t trust you, they are not going to be secure in a relationship.

A relationship filled with conflict may seem exciting to some, but not likely to most. Men are looking for a woman who is agreeable. This doesn’t mean that we suggest agreeing for the sake of it, but being genuine about it. If he suggests a restaurant, then be positive and check it out. If he has a thought that differs from yours, see it from his side, and then express your own.

Self Sacrificing
Most men were raised by a woman who was self sacrificing. They worked a job, cared for the family, and helped out in the neighbourhood. Men are seeking this in a partner. Be sure to let them know about any charity work that you do. Talk about the last time that you volunteered to help a friend out.

Men are looking for a relationship that is both physical and emotional. They appreciate a woman who is sensual. This means being aware of your physicality, being comfortable with it, and certainly not shying away from it. How you express your sensuality is unique to you. Be authentic and it will be a turn on for him.

Many men focus so hard on their careers that they’ve simply forgotten how to be fun. Or they live rigid lives between work, gym, and friends that they need someone to change it up for them. If you spontaneously arrange a day of adventure, they’ll be even more attracted to you.

Intro is a professional matchmaking service that cares deeply about the work that we do. We are here to successfully find you a great partner. Contact us today to see how we can help you.