Tips for singletons during the party season

December 23, 2013 by admin

Say yes to everything:

There is no better time of year to go out there and socialise. Everyone is in the mood for romance – we are surrounded by mistletoe (don’t loiter under it though-you’ll look desperate), twinkling fairy lights that do wonders for the complexion (both men and women gain the advantage from flattering lighting) and open fires making us all hot and bothered. Fill up your calendar – any event, celebration, lunch, dinner or drink you are invited to – GO. You never know when Mr. or Ms. Right will stumble across your path. Putting the potential to meet someone aside, Christmas is a time for being with family and friends so avoid any sense of longing by surrounding yourself with the people you love and company that you enjoy. Take breaks from socialising only to refuel for another opportunity to socialise!

Always look your best:

This tip is not just for Christmas – keep the comfy’s for indoors, pyjamas are meant to be worn in bed and not down the shops. Sweats are for the Gym. When you’re leaving the house you should dress like you’re going for lunch with your Ex (the one that got away). You will feel fantastic about yourself knowing that you’ve made an effort, that confidence will shine through in the way you walk and talk and that will attract members of the opposite sex. Even if they don’t approach you you’ll notice an awful lot more stolen glances in your direction and you will feel on top of the world. Give yourself an early Christmas present and spoil yourself with some nice new clothes – not to be kept up for Christmas day only to be seen by the family but to be debuted at the many functions you have committed to attending. You should always endeavour to be the best version of yourself that you possibly can be-assume there’s always someone paying attention because there usually is..

If you see someone you fancy – approach:

If you spot a nice girl/guy across a crowded bar, don’t just glance, clutch your glass closer to your chest and turn away nonchalantly. Look for the signs that they are interested: Hold eye contact and if it lingers for longer than 5 seconds then this is the green light to make contact. If he/she smiles at you after catching your eye then chances are-you’re in! There is nothing more pointless than staring at someone you fancy all night and then walking out at 3am having never had the nerve to approach them. So do yourself a favour and have a chat with your ego-remind it that the worst that can happen is that they are not available/interested but that is only one persons opinion of you. Better to have tried and failed…. and that goes for the boys and the girls. NB-if a person likes you enough to approach you then give them the time of day-if you’re not interested after a short chat then let them down gently, being rude or mean makes you a much smaller person.

Exercise: During the festive season you’ll be tucking into assorted versions of 5 course meals before topping them all off with Mulled Wines, Irish Coffees, Brandy’s and Ports. Between the Goats Cheese & Cranberry parcels, the Goose Fat Roasties and the Christmas Puds one can notch up the pounds at lightning speed. Upping your game at the gym or pounding the pavement a little more in December will keep you feeling fit and healthy allowing you to enjoy all the parties (including the fabulous food and drink that goes with them) and still fit into your LBD/Armani 3 piece. You’ll also feel happier, sleep better and have more energy to get your party on!

Make yourself available for dates:

Now that you’re dressed to kill in your amazing new outfit and looking fit and happy after your Boot camp class-you’re feeling sexy surrounded by fairy lights and bathed in the soft glow of confidence. Flashing a bright smile at a gazing admirer while holding eye contact has inspired them to approach you – be open, friendly and positive. If they ask for your number – give it and when they contact you make yourself available for a date. One of the biggest reasons that people find it hard to meet anyone is that they don’t carve out time in their busy schedule to date – you don’t want to be calling us 5 years from now having regrettfully missed out on great potential partners because you were too “busy” at the time to devote any time to meeting them. Life is short, it’s hard to meet the perfect match and they won’t fall into your lap – dating takes time and effort, but it’s so worth it when that hard work pays off….