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The Problem with Dating in Cork

We have been Matchmaking in Cork since 2011 so in that time, and having organised thousands of dates for Corkonians, we have developed a keen sense of what hurdles they impose on themselves that hamper the search for their perfect match.

With clients in all 32 Counties, we have seen patterns develop that are common to most inhabitants of those Counties. For instance, in Kerry, everyone thinks they are famous so meeting to conduct profile interviews in any public place is like a covert operation.
The rebel County is another kettle of fish altogether with each and every inhabitant having a County pride that surpasses all others. Pride in one’s County is not a problem by any stretch but in our experience, Cork pride leads to an isolationist attitude that borders on obsession.

Have Heart, Will Travel

One of our policies for instance is that if you are to be accepted as a member you must be willing to date people outside your own County. Most of the population have no problem with this and know that the emphasis should be on finding the right match and not just the right geography. Not so, in Cork.

If I had a euro for every time a Corkonian exclaimed in horror ‘sure why would anyone want to leave Cork?!’, we could close up Intro and retire to the Bahamas. Well, the answer is that, yes, even though Cork is fantastic (as half-bloods ourselves we love to visit family in Castletownbere any chance we get so we can bask in the beauty of wonderful West Cork), if your ‘One’ were on your doorstep, you would likely have found them by now.

In a perfect world nobody would need to make sacrifices to find love and we would all fall for our neighbour. But in reality, if dating in Cork has not worked for you, then would it be so bad to look outside the boundary? Finding your perfect match lives in Tipperary wouldn’t be too much to bear, would it?