The Importance of Honesty in Dating

March 9, 2014 by admin

Whether you’re aiming to find true love or find a perfect match, honest dating is a must for single men and single women. In fact, dating experts will tell you that whether you go down the road of personals, online dating websites or a matchmaker, if you’re seeking a long term relationship or serious relationship, without honesty, you can be sure that the partnership won’t last in the long run. We have this advice:

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Let’s face it, most of us are not good liars. It is an art form to be able to lie profusely and chances are you haven’t mastered that art form yet and why would you? In the dating world where you can hide behind your key board and screen or a matchmaker, it can be easy to tell a few white lines whether you’re a single man or single women writing about your weight, age, income, favourite hobbies or even your marital status. But the more honest you are about these characteristics, the better chance that a date will believe you when it comes to the rest of your life stories and therefore the better chance you’ll have at finding true love. Most people have good memories and if they read or hear something on your profile and it interests them, then you can be sure they will remember what you said, and if it wasn’t honest then you could be in trouble.


Being polite is part and parcel of dating honestly. The more polite you can be with others, the more respect you will gain in the world and the more likely you are to find the person of your dreams and at a quicker pace. So rather than lead people on, if you’re not interested in someone on an online dating website or in a bar, simply be honest. If someone asks you out and they are not your type, respond and say “thank you for asking. I’m not interested. Good luck in finding true love.” The same goes for responding to everyone who messages you – it’s good manners to say thanks but no thanks, politely of course. The more honest you are with others, the more honest you will find that others are with you.

Building Relationship Based On Honesty

One of the key elements in all types of dating be it matchmaking, dating websites or through social media, is to remember that eventually there will be a face to face with this person. By keeping that in mind, it’s important to start as you mean to go on. There’s no point in claiming that you like exactly like Angelina Jolie when you’re more akin to her less attractive first cousin. The same goes for claiming you like in a 10-bedroom house when you actually live in a shared house with strangers. If you don’t have an accurate description of yourself, then sooner or later this exaggerated profile will ensure that things turn sour. Start on the right foot and you are sure to build a relationship based on trust from the beginning. Okay you may not be confident about including that photo which shows that you’re crossed eyed but looks are not everything – yes they help and they are important for first impressions but a good heart in dating will shine through, especially when it comes to compatibility long term.

Be Yourself

Remember those times when your mother told you to be yourself and people would accept you for who you are? The same applies to dating. We’re all guilty of painting a better picture of ourselves and in fact, many of us are used to posting ‘edited lives’ on social media websites such as Facebook, but just ensure that you don’t go over the top with the editing. Dating is about being real so as much as you’d like to let on that you have the life style of Jennifer Aniston or the girls in Sex and the City, fellow daters will see through it.

And Catching The Dishonest Person Out

No matter what relationship site you log onto or dating agency you meet, your lies will catch you out. The saying ‘it’s a long road that never turns’ rings true for singles who lie in trying to find love. With the advent of social networking sites, it’s easier to catch people out who lie. If you’re worried that someone you met isn’t being honest with you, our advice is to follow your gut, do as much research as you can on the person and then try to catch them out either online or in person. The signs will speak for themselves. If the person can’t answer the questions or they answer them differently then before, you can assume there dishonest and not worth your precious time. By staying true to yourself, you’ll attract more honest people and you’ll soon find the dishonest ones will disappear slowly but surely.