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The Importance of Being Honest – in Your Dating Profile

July 9, 2017 by admin in Dating Advice, Online Dating | 12

While it’s tempting to add an inch or two to your height or subtract a pound or two from your weight, being honest in your dating profile is most definitely the best policy. Even those little white lies can amount to a picture of you as dishonest. And that’s saying nothing about the whoppers some people spin into their dating profiles.

One Night Standers: How Dating Is Changing With Tinder Style Apps

  Irish dating is changing… with the addition of Tinder style apps to the scene. As Irish matchmakers, we’re aware that our clients have tried online and mobile dating. Many come to us after failures of locating a long-term relationship from these avenues. The reason we have found is that Tinder style apps tend to…

Staying Safe While Dating Online

August 18, 2014 by admin in Dating Advice, Matchmaker Says | 12

  Intro – a personalised matchmaking service One of Intro’s strongest features is that we connect with our clientele, get to know them, and can vouch for them.  This ensures that when we set you up with somebody that it’s based on our genuine belief that the two of you will be an excellent match. …