Staying Safe While Dating Online

August 18, 2014 by admin


Intro – a personalised matchmaking service

One of Intro’s strongest features is that we connect with our clientele, get to know them, and can vouch for them.  This ensures that when we set you up with somebody that it’s based on our genuine belief that the two of you will be an excellent match.  This is just one of the many reasons why our clients prefer to use a professional matchmaker versus online dating services.  For those of you that would like to use online dating, we want to make sure you protect yourself.  Here are our tips on staying safe, while dating online.
Listen to your intuition
If their pictures seem too good to be true and their descriptions completely unrealistic, then you’re likely correct.  Before believing the fantasy, take a step back, and pay attention to your intuition.  Make sure that before falling in love, you don’t fall for a scammer.
Guard your personal information
Yes, you want to be honest to ensure that you’re presenting your authentic self to others.  This doesn’t mean that you need to be exact about where you work, where you tend to hang out, and where you live.  Keep things general and then you can share more specifics in person.
Protect your finances
Before signing up for an online dating site, do your research.  Simply type in the website name and the word ‘scam’ to determine if it’s worth your money and if they’re a site to be trusted.  As well, no matter how much of an emergency they say that they’re in – don’t send money to people that you haven’t met.
Report disrespectful users
If you come across a user online who uses rude and/or discriminatory remarks in their profile or their messages to you, then report them.  These online dating sites want to create safe environments.  This means reporting on those that are displaying behaviours that are causing others to feel uncomfortable.
Dating online is no longer viewed upon as a passing fad.  In fact, with new dating apps popping up every day, it appears to be here to stay.  As professional matchmakers, we have heard first hand from clients about their disappointment with online dating.  They appreciate that our service comes with a personalised approach that fits them.  Instead of an online site meant to work for everyone.  If you do use an online service, please consider our tips for staying safe while dating online.