How to Spot Date Bait Vs Real Users On Online Dating Sites

July 21, 2014 by admin

Fake online dating profilesYou’re staring at the screen and trying to figure out what date bait is. It’s a term for fake profiles created by online dating sites. Yes, it’s true. Many of these sites create fake profiles to make it seem like they have many interested suitors for you. Now as professional matchmakers, we’re not huge fans of dating sites. We understand the curiosity and as part of our extensive services, we want to give you some tips on how to spot date bait on online sites.

Review the photos
If a cute photo catches your eye, then open up the profile and review the rest of their photos. If every single photo looks professionally shot, then it’s likely fake. As well, if they’re always in a suggestive pose, then it likely doesn’t belong to a real person. Think about your own photos. Did you hire a professional photographer to shoot them? Nope, you choose a variety of shots that show your personality.

Bad spelling
These sites usually hire foreign freelance workers at a low rate. They pay them to create a number of new profiles each and every day. This leads to bad spelling, poor grammar, and confusing statements in their profiles. When you created your profile, you spent a lot of time perfecting it. You wanted to present your best self.

Aggressive Messaging
If before you even complete your profile, you’re generating interest, don’t take it as flattery. It likely means that it’s an automated message being sent to get you interested in the site. You can bet that you won’t hear from the person, when you do reply.

Seems Too Good To Be True
Like we’ve all been taught, if it seems too good to be true, then it likely is. You read a profile and the pictures are great. Plus, you look at their compatibility with you and it’s an unbelievable match, then you’re likely the victim of date bait. Don’t spend too much time pining over them and wondering why they haven’t responded after their initial message. Recognize that it’s just a fake profile and move on to the genuine one’s that are on the site.

At Intro, we run a personalized matchmaking service. We understand that dating in Ireland can be difficult and online dating is an option that you want to pursue. We hope that you’ll use our tips to avoid connecting with any fake profiles.