Reasons Not To Get Back With Your Ex

December 17, 2014 by admin

As professional matchmakers, we take our job seriously and this includes being up to date on the research that pertains to our field. Today, we’d like to share the reasons not to get back with your ex, as supported by the findings of a study from Kansas City University.

Kansas City University conducted a study featuring 323 cohabiting and 723 married couples about their relationship histories. In particular, study author, Amber Vennum, Ph.D, wanted to know each couple’s experience with cycling. Cycling refers to the number of times that couples split up and then get back together. The study revealed some reasons not to get back with your ex and they included: more likely to split up in the future, less satisfaction, and more uncertainty about the relationship.

More Likely To Split Up In The Future

The study found that more than 1/3 of cohabiting couples and 1/4 of married couples had broken up in the past. This may lead you to think that you should get back with your ex. However, the study also found that these couples were more likely to continue cycling throughout their relationship. This means that while you may be together today, there’s a good chance versus non-cycling couples that you’ll break up in the future.

Less Satisfaction About The Relationship

If you’re looking for some reason not to get back with your ex, then focus on the satisfaction that you want for your future relationship. When compared to non-cycling couples, it was determined that those that got back with their ex were less satisfied in their relationships. This stemmed from cycling couples tending to make impulsive decisions that they later regretted (i.e. moving in together too quickly).

More Uncertainty About The Relationship

There’s nothing worse than being in a relationship and questioning its lasting power. Cycling couples tend to break up again and both parties are aware of this possibility. This leads both individuals to feel more uncertainty about their relationship and whether or not it’s going to last.

Here at Intro, we don’t want to be the one’s presenting the bad news. It is possible for exes to get back together and have great relationships. However, this is likely an anomaly and not the case for the majority. Our role as Irish matchmakers is to meet with you, discover your true desires, and find the person for you. Stay away from the past and let Intro guide you into a successful future.