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Irish parents spending €800 on dating site gift cards this Christmas to help kids find love

Originally featured in the Irish Mirror 20.12.2019: Original source here

Desperate parents are splashing nearly €800 on gift cards for a top Irish dating service in a bid to find their single children love this Christmas

And a leading matchmaker has told how single men are obsessed with finding a woman twenty years younger while women only want men who are high achievers.

Feargal Harrington, founder of Intro dating agency, located on Grafton St has over 3,000 singletons on his books looking to find love and has seven full time staff organising dates seven days of the week.

He told the Irish Mirror: “This Christmas we’ve had parents coming in their droves buying vouchers for their loved ones.

“Mothers are coming in buying vouchers for their daughters and sons who are aged in their 20s and 40s hoping they’ll meet someone.

“They’re thinking they won’t be around in a few years and they want to make sure their child is with someone and loved.

“Mothers are coming into us feeling guilty because they may have depended on their sons to take care of the family business or farm and therefore had no time to meet someone for themselves.

“We get a lot of parents telling us their daughters struggle to meet someone because they wouldn’t be big drinkers and are working all of the time.

“And we get a huge influx of people this time of the year joining us because the dark evenings and siblings coming home with their babies and partners heightens loneliness.”

On average those aged 35-48 years use the agency to find love but there are members aged in their 20s and even in their 80s looking for companionship.

However, Feargal and his matchmakers have a tough job breaking down people’s unrealistic desires and “brazen demanding attitudes” that is killing the dating scene.

He said: “People coming to us need to forget about having a type.

“Women are very focused on height. I have had women ringing saying they won’t date any men who aren’t six foot plus.

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“A lot of women say they’ve got a Masters or a PhD from Trinity so therefore they want guys with this level of education, academic snobbishness is a major issue.

“Whereas men will wait until they’re in their 40s and ring us up and ask for a 27 year-old woman, we call these Peter Pans – they never want to grow up.

“And then we have men calling us looking to be matched with someone that’s not from Ireland because they think they’re less confident for some reason.

“A lot of Irish guys are threatened by the fact that Irish women are standing up for themselves nowadays.

“Irish mammies have an awful lot to answer for when raising boys and men that are not totally independent in their own mindset too – they’ll go back to mammy for advice all the time.”

The biggest turn-offs for both sexes is someone who smokes while men dislike women who are loud and women dislike men who are tight with money.

Intro which has been setting up couples since 2017, with one in four ending up in a long term relationship or married, has a number of requirements before joining.