Outrageous First Date Stories

August 18, 2014 by admin


Dating in Ireland can have its ups and downs…

That’s why Intro’s professional matchmaking service was created. We want to put our team to work for you! Through our personalized service, we achieve success and create long term relationships for our clientele. We have discovered a number of outrageous first date stories and wanted to share them with you (these stories do not involve Intro members in anyway, past or present). Some of you might recognize them from your own experience and others you’ll be glad to have never experienced!
First-Date-Disastersv2Dislikes Lead to Being Discarded

“My date left after I explained that football was of no interest to me. He paid the bill and then excused himself from the table.”

“We were having such a great time until I shared my dislike for Kesha. That was a mistake! She faked a phone call and then didn’t return that night.”

Focuses Too Much On Themselves

“He spent the entire date telling me about his life stories. Many of which I recognized as being from recent popular films.”

“She thought it’d be appropriate to tell me all the reasons why her previous relationships had ended. I never knew someone could be the sole reason for EVERY break up.”

That One Sketchy Date

“He said we were going to his friend’s place, but it turned out to be his drug dealer’s house, so he could score some drugs.”

“She invited me back to her place, but I didn’t realize it was to attend a family event mourning her deceased grandparent.”

They Said What?

“She showed up and said that she was running late due to coming from pre-natal appointment.”

“Midway through the first date, he informs me that he’s pretty sure that he saw his clone during a trip Brazil.”

Poor Date Location

“He chose the Disney Planes movie. It’s meant for very young children…”

“We got all dressed up and then it turned out that we were hitting up at a fast food joint. They thought it was hilarious. I was not impressed.”

Did any of these outrageous first date stories ring true for your dating experience? If so, we hope that you know that this isn’t the norm, especially when using Intro’s services. As professional matchmakers, we utilize our unique skills to learn about you, connect you with the perfect mate, and even organize that first date. We work hard to ensure that our clientele never experience these kinds of horrendous first dates.