Online Dating Is Ruining Relationships

June 30, 2014 by admin

Online dating is damaging relationships

Yes, we’re biased when we say that we think online dating is ruining relationships!

As Irish matchmakers, we see the benefits of meeting in person on a daily basis. We provide a sophisticated service that involves meeting you and then connecting you with a perfect match. We know that our service trumps online dating sites and have the many happily matched couples to support this claim. Here are our reasons for why online dating is ruining relationships.

Too many options.
Dating shouldn’t be like trying to locate the perfect book at a bookstore. When there’s thousands to select from, how are you possibly going to narrow it down to just one? Online dating sites provide endless profiles that you can scroll through. You end up spending more time reviewing profiles than you do actually dating.

Ability to mass message.
When you’re visiting the online dating sites, you can send the same message to multiple people with little negative recourse. It’s an odds game of writing to everybody in an attempt to see who actually shows an interest. Can you imagine doing this in person? You simply walked around the pub, sharing the same info with everybody, and seeing if anybody actually said, “Yes.”

Lack of Focus On One Person
When you use our service, we set you up with one person. We don’t send you out on one date, but let you know that there are many other options that may be better. When registered for an online dating site, there’s always new people coming on and those that may take awhile to respond to your original message. Sure, you may be dating one person, but then somebody else messages you, and you decide to try them out for a few weeks.

Expectations are Too High
In person, you see the person for who they really are. You get to know them and have a pretty accurate assessment as to whom they are. Online profiles are filled with people’s photos from their best angles and well scripted descriptions aimed to attract a large majority. It leads to high expectations before you even meet that are hard for the other person to live up to.

Our mission at Intro is to create long lasting relationships for our clientele. Through our experience, many of our clients find us after being frustrated with the online dating scene. Contact us today to begin your in-person journey to finding your perfect match!