Older Dating

It may not surprise you to hear that Intro’s youngest member is twenty-two. Would you be shocked to hear that our oldest member is eighty-one? That’s right, we are Irish matchmakers that offer older dating services just as enthusiastically and professionally as we do to, shall we say, our younger clients. We strongly believe that everyone deserves to find a special someone and your age shouldn’t be a deterrent to love. Here’s our perspective on senior dating and why it’s never too late.

Love is love

Whether it’s your first shot at love or your second or third, love is love, and your age shouldn’t deter you from enjoying it. Intro’s older dating services are available for all and we already service those in the mature dating age bracket. As Irish matchmakers, we’ve seen proof first hand of the joy that finding love later on in life can offer.

“I just wanted to meet a nice lady, someone to share my life with. I didn’t want to go online in case one of my kids spotted me! I read about INTRO and decided to give it a go. INTRO were great. I met them in Cork – gave them my details and they arranged all my dates! I had a great experience and I met Angela!”

Pat, 62, Cork

It’s fun

Providing an older dating service has let us see that dating can be a ton of fun at this age. No longer are you burdened with what’s to come, getting the perfect job, finding a house – you’ve already got all that. Now, it’s about connecting with somebody that can share in all that you have. You’re less likely to be nervous and more inclined to have a great time too. Mature dating online services are growing rapidly, but at INTRO we ensure that we personally meet each prospective dater before we offer membership. This way you can rest assured that all matches are with real people with whom we have met.

“I’ve always wanted to travel and maybe take up dancing. I just wanted to meet someone nice, who shared my interests. I’m a bit long in the tooth to be hanging around bars so I contacted INTRO. The staff were lovely. They really listened to what I wanted. I met James on my fourth date through Intro- he’s some mover!”

Margaret, 58, Dublin

Ability to be present

Many times, our younger clientele spend a large portion of their dates picturing themselves being with their suitor for 10, 25, 50 years. They sometimes see a partner as the person they need to achieve certain life goals such as marriage and having a family rather than getting busy falling in love. They look so far into the future that they forget to stay present in the moment.

As we also cater for over 40’s dating, we find that our older members are much more focused on the here and now. They’re able to be on a date and focus on what this person can offer them now. Not, what could potentially happen years from today. In this sense older dating has a different quality to it sometimes and it is nuances such as this that our years as Matchmakers have allowed us to truly understand.

Experience Equates to Comfort

One of the benefits of older dating is that you enter with years of experience, which allows for an aura of comfort to surround you. You’re clearer as to what you’re looking for and more likely to place less pressure on the initial meeting. You’ve been around the block enough times to know what you want and the ways in which to get it.

“I run my own business and I’ve just turned 54. I’ve got 3 teenagers at home, so between the kids and the business, it was hard to find time to meet anyone. I wanted someone in a similar situation. INTRO listened. Carol has 2 teenagers so she understands. And she plays Golf. Perfect! I’d definitely recommend Intro to a friend, without doubt.”

Tony, 54, Dublin


INTRO believes that nobody is too old to find their perfect match. We’re proud to offer our services, not only to those in their 20’s but also for those seeking a senior, older dating service. We’ll get to know you, connect you with a perfect match, and all you need to do is to contact us today to get started!