Coming Clean: The Stigma Of Meeting Your Partner Through Online Dating

September 10, 2014 by admin

You may be surprised to hear that it’s actually unusual for someone to NOT have tried online dating these days. Yet, we’ll meet many clients who meekly share that they went online to try and find somebody. We’ve all met the couple who exchange fearful glances when asked how they’ve met. They fumble over a story instead of just coming clean about meeting online. There really is no shame in online dating and, as Irish matchmakers, here is why we believe that people don’t like to admit they’ve been to the dating market in the sky.

Online Dating is Still Considered a New Tool

Although personal ads and dating directories have existed for a long time, they never exploded as online dating services have. Thus, online dating is still a relatively new concept that has only existed in the more recent decade or so. Nowadays, their usage is astronomical with people glued to their smartphones and seeing whom is near them might be interested. Even still, people believe that it’s a new tool and that there’s shame in using it.

Fear Associated with Dating Sites

online dating girl afraid fear computer laptop intro matchamkingHearing about things like date bait and cat fishing can lead your friends to being very wary of using online dating sites. They are overly cautious and believe that everybody online is out to scam them. They fail to recognize that honest individuals just like you can be on these sites. We want our clients to feel comfortable about seeking love online! There’s little point in saying that there is no shame in online dating if the real issue is fear. Reputable Dating Sites will work to assuage that fear by inserting practices and procedures geared towards the safety of the users.

Shame Attached to Dating Online

Think back to when the internet first became popular and people were chatting over different messaging services. You’d discuss connecting with someone very far away and if you developed feelings, you were likely ridiculed by friends. The same can go with using online dating sites. Some people simply don’t believe that you can find love through a computer and it creates shame for those that do pursue them. Not everybody is comfortable in a pub or can be set up through friends, so we wish that our clients would feel no shame in online dating or using an online dating site in their past.

The Hilarious Side of Online Dating Shame

“I met my girlfriend through online dating. We tell our family and friends we met in prison! >>”

Online Dating – The Truth Will Set You Free!

We work with a number of clients who have don’t want to come clean about dating in Ireland through online sites. We believe that this has to do with the technology being new, the shame attached to finding love online, and the fear from connecting with a personal through a site. We want our clients to find the love of their life. Whether this is through our matchmaking service or an online dating site, feel no shame and embrace the choices that you make!