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Meeting a Partner the Old-fashioned Way

September 24, 2015 by admin

Intro’s practice of using professional Irish matchmakers is situated within Ireland’s rich history of using outside sources to help you find a perfect match. A number of our clients and blog followers have been asking a relevant question, “What percentage of people don’t have to “try” and meet their perfect match these days?” We did some investigating and it may surprise you the number of people that are meeting a partner the old fashioned way.

Meeting your partner through the nightlife

Considering the number of people who go out each night, it’s a shockingly low number that meet their partner at a bar. Some studies put the percentage as low as only 10%. While going out may be a great stress reliever and could lead to a one night stand, your chances are pretty slim at finding a long lasting relationship. While we still think it’s worth to go out and have a great time. One shouldn’t expect that it’ll lead to finding your perfect match.

Meeting your partner through online dating

When it comes to finding your partner, a ton of people are now going online. They use dating sites and dating apps like Tinder. With so many people online these days, it’s not surprising that around 30% of people admit to finding their current partner through online dating. It may lead to endless hours waiting for a reply, but it’s still a viable option in today’s dating scene.

Meeting your partner the old fashioned way

Call it the old fashioned way, but a whopping 53% of people admit to having met their partners through being set-up by family and friends. In a true matchmaking tradition, over half of couples are still meeting their perfect match the old fashioned way. It could be your best friend setting you up with a guy that you ‘just have to meet.’ Or your Mom’s friend’s recently single son showing up ‘randomly’ a party to be set up with you – being matched up is still trending strongly these days.

As professional Irish matchmakers, we know what it takes to find you the match that you’ve been waiting for. While it may seem like the old fashioned way to utilize a matchmaker, our satisfied clients preach our success rate time and again. You can leave your dating life to chance with hitting up the pub or going online. Or you can allow us to get to know you and use our skills as matchmakers to find your perfect match.