Single at Christmas? Stop judging and be flexible

December 17, 2023 by admin

Intro Matchmaking single at Christmas dating advice with the Sunday Independent

Single at Christmas? Stop judging, be flexible and don’t expect a younger model say the dating agency experts who are married to each other

Many singletons dread facing into the festivities alone, but married owners of INTRO Matchmaking Agency Feargal Harrington and Rena Maycock, who originally met from a set-up, reveal their tried-and-tested methods that can lead to longterm love

Feargal Harrington can pinpoint exactly what the busiest times of the week, and the year, are for the business he founded with his wife, Rena Maycock. They are the moments when people’s aloneness seems to especially strike, he explains. “We organise about 100 dates a week, all over the country. But at certain times, you see a surge,” says the director of INTRO Matchmaking Agency. “Tuesdays and Thursdays and Sundays are the biggest days. Sunday specifically, because single people hate Sundays. Then the lead up to the weekend, when there aren’t an awful lot of plans.”

Seasonally, there are several triggers for people to reach out to a matchmaker. Valentine’s Day, obviously. The longer evenings as summer approaches, but also the nights spent in as winter closes in (a time that’s become known as ‘cuffing season’ on social media, when people want to be figuratively handcuffed to a romantic partner). And then, of course, Christmas. Such is the demand for their services at this time of year, Harrington explains, that the company’s voicemail fills up regularly overnight.