Matchmaking Returns: Why Daters are Swiping Left on Apps

February 14, 2024 by admin

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Choosing to have humans, rather than algorithms, to find you Mr or Ms Right is a growing trend. It’s hardly controversial to suggest that good romantic matches have personality at the core of their success, or more accurately, complementary personalities between the two dating parties. Dating apps gave the appearance of aiding the sorting and sifting through the myriad data points and dating profiles available to users. It was expeditious, until it wasn’t. It became a sort of dating industrial complex and with personality being so elusive to conventional models of quantification, it got very reductive, very quickly.

Enter, or rather re-enter, the Matchmakers. Those humans, those personalities, who do the sifting for you, but always with one eye on that ‘x’ factor, that spark, that ingredient which can only be divined by those with a skilled matchmaking bent, and a tonne of experience. Read what Amanda Cassidy writes in the Irish Examiner about her matchmaking experience at the hands of some real pros.

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