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first date restaurant ideas

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WHERE TO GO on a first date? Should you go for a coffee, a pint, or a sit-down meal? These are the questions that plague all singletons.

Feargal Harrington is matchmaker, co-founder and director of Intro Matchmaking. He is in the business of making matches with his company organising over 100 dates per week around Ireland. With 3,500 clients on their books and one in four dates ending in either a long-term relationship or marriage, Harrington is well placed to say what makes a good setting for a first date.

When organising first dates, he avoids coffee dates and bar dates.

The reason we go for dinner dates is because you have far more of a success rate from people going for bites to eat as opposed to meeting for a coffee or a drink. decided to ask Harrington for his tips on the best restaurants around Ireland for a first date. Read the original article >> and get Feargal’s expert dating opinion on the eleven best ‘first date’ restaurants

Original Source: – the eleven best ‘first date’ restaurants by Feargal Harrington, INTRO Matchmaking