Loneliness at Christmas

December 19, 2014 by admin

Christmas can be a joyous time of year, but for some, it’s also the loneliest. Here at Intro, we care deeply about our clients and wish only for them to have both happiness and success. While we understand that loneliness at Christmas exists for some, we want to offer some of our suggestions on how to combat it.

Keep Up With Family Traditions

It can be difficult to get the family together every year for Christmas. People move away and children grow up, but it doesn’t mean that family traditions have to end. Sure, you may no longer wish to rush out into the cold and cut down a giant tree with the family, but you can still set-up a tiny artificial one and decorate with your own ornaments. Find a way to keep your family traditions alive and you’ll feel less lonely at Christmas.

Attend New Activities That Bring You Joy

It’s easy to allow your loneliness at Christmas to become a regular occurrence, but this year, let’s break the pattern! Find a Christmas related activity that fills you up and makes you appreciate the holiday spirit. This could involve joining a community caroling group, preparing gifts for those with less, or even attending a Christmas potluck at your local church.

Reach Out To Others

Our loneliness at Christmas can be all consuming. We believe that we’re the only one sitting home alone in the whole world. This simply isn’t true, there are many others that are spending Christmas on their own and would be happy to connect with another person. Let others know that you have no plans for Christmas and you’d be surprised at the number of invites that you receive.

Determine Your Reasons For Loneliness

What better way to combat your loneliness than to really sit with it and determine your reasons for loneliness at Christmas. Get a notebook and start to jot down the reasons why you feel lonely during the holiday season. Select your top 3 and then list ways that you can combat it. This simple exercise can really help you to put your loneliness in perspective.

Every year, we meet with many clients that are hoping to create positive relationships in the future. Too often, we hear from our clients about the loneliness at Christmas that they feel. We truly hope that this holiday season, you’ll seek to combat this feeling and discover new and exciting ways to spend Christmas.