The Best Ways To Ensure Date #1 Makes It To Date #2!

Landing the second dateIntro’s matchmaking services exist to take you from being single to happily partnered.

We’re here to be your Irish matchmaker and have numerous success stories. We get to know you, locate a perfect match, and even set up the first date! Today, we want to offer you some tips to ensure that date #1 makes it to date #2!

1. Be Yourself
We’ve heard this advice time and again, but it’s the simple truth. You need to be your genuine self on the first date. If you come off as fake or trying too hard, it’s not going to go well. If you’re naturally funny, throw in a few jokes and judge their reaction. If you’re serious, then dive into a conversation around current events.

2. Focus Your Attention
If you spend your first date looking at those around you and checking your phone, it’s not going to result in a second. Your first date requires that you put the phone away, stay focus on your date, and let them know that it’s all about them.

3. Be Nice To Others
Your date can tell a lot from how you interact with those around you. Are you polite to the server at the restaurant? Do you thank the usher at the theatre? If they notice that you’re impolite to those that you encounter during the first date, you’re not going to end up with a second date.

4. Leave Them Wanting More
If you give it all away on the first date, then what’s to keep them coming back for a second? This tip relates to both conversation and the bedroom. Share a bit about yourself, but leave some mystery to keep them intrigued. End off with a gentle kiss good night and they’ll be anticipating date #2 to see what’s to come.

5. Follow-Up
Whether you follow the two day rule or text the next day, you have to follow up to book that next date. If you wait too long, they may think you’re playing games or uninterested. Determine the amount of time that you feel comfortable waiting and then contact them to plan a second date.

Dating in Ireland has become a positive experience for many of our clients. Intro’s ability to locate a substantial match has allowed us to successfully create numerous relationships. It all starts with having the ability to get from date #1 to date #2.