Joe goes dating with Intro – the second date

October 21, 2013 by admin

In the third part of our dating series Joe heads out on his second date but will he find his perfect match in Emma?…

As I told you earlier, I had a brilliant first dating experience via with Catherine but there just wasn’t much chemistry between us. The folks at Intro told me this can happen and that they would soon set me up with another person who fitted my profile.

Good as their word Intro gave me a call to tell me about another potential match, who ticked all the boxes bar one; she was an occasional smoker. They said because she was ideal for me in all other respects so they thought they would give me a buzz and let me decide if I wanted to go on a date with her or not.  As a reformed nicotine addict myself I had to tell them that the smoking thing was non-negotiable and Intro said they would go back to the drawing board.

Sure enough, they were back in touch soon about arranging a date with Emma. She was a brunette, and I had stated my preference for blondes but I was prepared to see Emma as she sounded great.

This time Intro arranged drinks and a cheeseboard at the Exchequer. From the word go we got on like a house on fire, we talked for hours and were the last to leave the place. We headed off for a night cap and then called it a night. We swapped numbers and made a tentative arrangement to meet after she got back from her holiday in a fortnight.

Intro got in touch to check out how the date went. I told them I had a great time and that I thought Emma had too and that we were going to have a second date to see if we hit it off again.

We really got on but I wanted to give the process the fullest of tests so Intro said they would schedule a third date for me so I could see what else they had to offer.

It might sound a bit greedy, especially after Emma seemed so sound, but I signed up for this with the promise to myself that I would go outside my comfort zone so I will go on a third date to really push myself and the folks at Intro.

All in the interest of research folks…“

* All names have been changed to protect identities *