Intro Success Stories – Dave and Jessica

December 6, 2013 by admin

Since we opened our doors in 2011 Intro Matchmakers have seen countless fun first dates blossom into long term relationships, engagements and marriages. Dave, who we introduced to Jessica, was in touch recently to let us know how it’s going…

Dave says:

“We were opposites in terms of career and we both felt that when hearing each others profiles over the phone. However we were 100% matched in everything else, I’m proposing next month. If you ask me not enough people know about Intro and they definitely should because you’ve changed our lives for the better.”

Intro says:

We make our matches based on a deep understanding of our clients’ values and motivations. Because we know all of our clients personally we can see beyond the obvious to the unique compatibilities that make sparks fly! Are you ready to change your life and try something completely different? Why not give us a call! It could be the start of something amazing!