Intro Matchmaking’s 16 First Date Tips

January 20, 2014 by admin

Want to pass the first date with flying colours? Follow our advice below and you’re guaranteed he or she will want to see you again!


  1. Do ensure to brush your teeth and use mouthwash to kill off that pesky bad breath smell if you tend to suffer from bad breath. It is a MAJOR turnoff and plaque on your gnashers will ensure you never get a second date with that person again. Ugh. That. Is. All.


  1. Have manners. Open the door for your date and hold the chair out for him or her. Don’t under any circumstances pour water for yourself and ignore your date – it is so rude – you wouldn’t do it to your mother so why do it to a potential soul mate? And for goodness sake, don’t spit your food all over us or chew with an open mouth. If you’re unsure you can rise to the challenge, perhaps try getting some etiquette lessons?

matchmaking first date

  1. A first date is not an audition for marriage. It’s not a chance for you to use your best acting skills – think of it as a tryout for a second date. No one ever fell in love while analyzing every detail of their first meeting so if you trip over the chair on the way in, don’t go on about it for the rest of the date – we know you fell, now get OVER it!


  1. Annoying habits? Put your sixth sense into gear. There’s a close line between annoying habits and mannerisms that show a total lack of respect. If you wouldn’t let your friends constantly talk over you, why would you let a potential life partner?


  1. Avoid talking about your ex or bitching about him or her – if you speak like that about a former partner, what would you say about us? It’s a golden rule but alas, so many people fail on this obstacle.


  1. If you want to make that Saturday night first date a success, do not under any circumstances ask questions that will ensure you’re left alone in the restaurant or cinema because your date has run a mile. Questions like ‘how much do you make?’, ‘how many kids do you want?’, ‘are you afraid of commitment?’ or ‘where do you see our relationship going?’ are to be avoided!


  1. Put your best foot forward. Make an effort with your appearance so you make a good impression for all the right reasons. Unwashed hair, bad hygiene and yesterday’s clothes aren’t likely to win anyone over. But don’t make so much of an effort that your date wouldn’t recognise you if they bumped into you in the street the next day.


  1. Stay sober! Don’t overdue the alcohol – especially if you have a tendency to become boorish, rude, indiscreet, lecherous, violent or sick after too many drinks. There’s nothing worse than a drunk date!


  1. Work on your gaydar – it will make life so much easier and save you time!


  1. Take a hint. If a man says that he’s too damaged for you, just take his word for it and don’t hound him. Even if it is his low self-esteem talking, you’re not going to be able to fix him. And it’s probably just a way of telling you he’s just not into you.


  1. Be nice and be kind. Whether you are attracted to the person or not, being nice, even if you’re not feeling it, is mannerly and will make a big difference to the other person’s enjoyment of the date.


  1. Let your date down gently. If you decide he or she isn’t for you, in a nice way let your date know that you don’t see a romantic future. Don’t lead him or her on – it is sure to end badly for both parties otherwise.


  1. Don’t pretend you are anything you’re not. Your date will thank you for it. If you stack shelves, don’t let on that you’re the manager of the store – lies always catch you out. It won’t help you in the long run if the relationship progresses, believe us, we’ve been there!


  1. They say that you a buyer makes up their mind as to whether they will purchase a house in the first minute of seeing it. Don’t apply that logic to a first date. Give the person a chance – you could be surprised at how well you get on once you’ve ruled the person out.


  1. Finally, it’s not all about you so don’t dominate the conversation. If you incessantly talk throughout the date, your date will think you’re all about you (which you may be but don’t get dumped after the first meeting!) and that you’re not interested in him or her. Ask your date some questions – it will give the impression you’re interested in hearing what he or she has to say and that you’re a good listener.


  1. Be interested in being there. Don’t be nonchalant and pretend that you don’t really need a date, you have no problem finding partners bla bla. Out of insecurity it can be tempting to try and make your date feel like they are desperate and you, on the other hand are really popular. This type of behaviour will get you nothing but many, many taxi’s home alone.


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