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The Honest and Open Way to Find Love this Valentine’s Day

Take the stress out of dating and kickstart your love life this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is still an important date on the ‘romantic’ calendar. Not just a routine ‘Hallmark’ moment, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by huge numbers of couples globally, but is also seen as an opportunity for singles to express their admiration for a prospective romantic partner, even if this expression may be a touch anonymous.

But in the cut and thrust of our hectic lifestyles, so many singletons find themselves just too preoccupied with work, clearing down that post-Christmas credit card bill or immersed in a ‘New Year, New You’ set of resolutions that puts us in the gym, on a punishing diet or suffering the austere effects of a ‘Dry January’. Proactively Looking for love falls so far down our list of priorities that it practically guarantees we will remain single this February 14th, left with only an exasperated sigh and an eye-roll at the sight of gushy Valentine’s couples. Hey, we’ve all been there.

Of course, you could always leave it chance. It is an incredibly romantic idea that our next date, and maybe even our next long-term romantic partner, will emerge through some serendipitous, divinely provided, set of circumstances – the likes of which inspires books and movies. But why not give chance a helping hand?

At INTRO Matchmaking we’re here to take the stress out of dating and to reduce the element of chance to something more feasible. Imagine someone telling you that they had whittled the next set of winning Lotto numbers down to just ten digits. We’d like those odds very much. So don’t play the lottery with your dating life heading into Valentine’s Day this year. Press the button below and reach out to us by telling us a little about you. It will be the first step towards a dating experience that is easy, stress-free, honest and open.