History of Indian Matchmakers

June 23, 2014 by admin

Indian Matchmakers and Indian WeddingsDating online may seem like today’s only option.

Intro is your definitive answer that this simply is not true.

Using a matchmaking service may seem like an odd concept to you.  Yet, it’s been a tradition that’s been used for many centuries.  One culture that has a rich history of using matchmakers is India.  Even in the 21st century, 90% of Indian marriages are set up.

Marriage is an important component of the Hindu faith.  The matchmaking tradition can be traced back to the fourth century.  The males’ family were usually the one’s that would initiate the matchmaking process.  The matchmaking process used to be exclusively done by the upper caste to maintain and unite other upper caste families.  The lower castes families soon did this for the same purposes.

The traditional arranged marriage matchmaker was called a nayan.  Families would solicit a matchmaker to ensure that a girl’s family line and astrological signs were compatible with their son’s.  The nayan would usually be a family friend or a distant relative who would be able to serve as a neutral party.  This was to ensure that communication between families would remain respectful and wouldn’t break down.

Traditionally, Indian matchmakers served two purposes: either to find potential matches or to negotiate the marriage agreement.  Once the agreement had been made, the nayan may be asked to help with the wedding preparations too.  As well, this would be when the male and female would actually meet for the first time.  For their assistance, the nayan doesn’t receive any money but can accept gifts and/or farming services provided by either of the families.

Another potential source for matchmaking was those who provides services; such as a hair dresser or a milk man.  They would provide suggestions to families about potential matches based on their interactions with members of the community.  If successful, they would be paid for their assistance.  As well, marriage bureaus were opened to facilitate the large number of matches. These days, these bureaus have been replaced by newspapers, television ads, social conventions, and the internet that serve as the modern nayan.

The tradition of matchmaking exists throughout history in many parts of the world.

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