Getting Over The Hump When The Honeymoon Period Ends

couple ignoring each other while one uses a smartphoneIntro is Ireland’s premiere matchmaking service.

We use our years of success to connect couples together. We put in time to get to know you, what you seek, and then locate a perfect match for you! A part of every relationship is when you realize that the honeymoon phase of the relationship is over. Here’s our best advice on how to get over the hump and ensure that you have a long lasting relationship.

Acknowledge it
That’s right, let’s just acknowledge it! You’ve successfully navigated through the first phase of every relationship. Take some time to celebrate this moment. This is good news, many relationships simple fizzle out, but yours has gone through the honeymoon phase. Instead of worrying that the magic is gone, simply sit down, and discuss your excitement for having made it this far.

Get comfortable
Now that you’ve acknowledged it, allow yourself to both be comfortable in the relationship. It’s going to last! It’s time to release the anxiety and discover the joy of being in a relationship. Take a deep breath and recognize that the pressure is off. No longer do you need to worry about making a tiny mistake. You know that your relationship can sustain any sort of conflict.

Battle Appropriately
After the initial honeymoon, there can be a temptation to start to fixate on each other’s flaws. Even though you may feel more comfortable bringing this stuff up, be sure to battle appropriately. Sure, the person’s glow may have slightly faded, but you still want to be with them. Do you really need to air out a laundry list of things for them to improve upon?

Twist It Up
A part of getting through the honeymoon stage is getting into a groove. Are you spending Monday-Wednesday at their place and the rest of the week at yours? Do you always order in on Fridays? Is Saturday movie night? Too many relationships get into patterns that become predictable and remove their spark. Notice your relationship habits and work on adding a few twists to them.

The demise of the honeymoon phase is merely the end of the beginning. It’s a time to celebrate that you’ve made it over the first step and have a long future together. Contacting Intro is your first step towards finding your perfect partner. We’re here at the start, during, and even after the relationship begins to provide helpful advice.