How to get over your ex

December 15, 2014 by admin

Here at Intro, we’re in the relationship business. For many relationships, they end and you are left with an ex. This ex may remain a small part in your life, they might never see you again, and you could even become platonic best friends. One thing’s for certain, it can be difficult to get over your ex. Intro shares our advice on how to get over your ex.

Be grateful for the time that you had

Dr Seuss wisely said, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Too many times, we see a relationship’s demise as a total failure. This isn’t true. Honour the good times that you had with your ex and think fondly of the time that you spent with one another. If you recall all the positive moments, it’ll let you be grateful for the experience, and allow you to move on.

Do something that you’ve put off

Along with being grateful, moving on can include doing an activity that you’ve constantly put off. Perhaps it’s doing a class, joining a gym, or getting friends together for a night out. Think of that one thing that you’ve always wanted to do and just go and do it! This new activity will distract you from overthinking the relationship.

Remove items that remind you of your ex

It’s difficult to get over your ex, if items around your house remind you of them. We’re not suggesting that you burn each item in a blaze of fire. For now, pack them up and put them in storage. Months from now, you can open up the box and retain those pieces that fill you with joy. Anything that leaves you longing for a love long gone should be tossed.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself

A key item of living in the now and focusing on the future is not to feel sorry for yourself. Too many times when getting over an ex, we over-analyse the relationship. That’s living in the past and as stated earlier, we’re glad for the past. The past is a positive place that we reflect on. So don’t beat yourself up or question your self worth.

Many of our clients come to us fresh off a break up and are unsure if they will ever find love again. Our multiple successful relationship matches are proof that our services work and you too can find someone perfect!