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Same Sex Matchmaking

Matching Gay & Lesbian Members for over Five Years

At Intro Matchmaking we are proud to say that we continue to have great success matching same sex couples. Gay men and women across Ireland make up an increasing percentage of our client list and our Matchmkaers are experts at finding suitable matches for both homosexual & heterosexual INTRO Members

Did you know we meet new clients every weekday and between 9am - 5:30pm and also on Saturdays & Sundays between 9am - 3pm

Real Relationships

Find a match that just might last

Unlike more typical online dating sites & apps, INTRO gives single gay members the opportunity to find a quality match that has every chance of lasting. If you're seeking a relationship then our same sex matchmaking service could be for you

We meet each and every one of our clients before they become INTRO members. This way we can ensure that every member is real and that our service is a good fit for them

How INTRO Gay Matchmaking Works

Our Easy Five Step Process Simplifies Everything

Our process is based on our years as professional matchmakers. Five simple steps is all that is required and you are on your way to finding your perfect same sex match. With a large & growing gay dating membership, you can start step one by simply contacting us today

Did you know that you can put your membership on pause if you think you've found a promising match!

Your Dates

Suitable Introductions tailored for you

We only take on gay people that are out and looking to meet someone special so if you choose to join Intro, you will be in good company and stand an excellent chance of making a lasting connection with a like-minded partner

We do the hard work for you, carefully selecting your matches and arranging suitable dates in a location that suits you and your match

Get Started Today

We're here to assist with your queries

Our team of professional matchmkaers are here to answer your calls and emails. Whatever queries you may have, rest assured, we have years of experience matching straight and gay couples across Ireland and would be delighted to explain our process further to you.

Our Matchmkaers handle every call and email discreetly and in confidence. We're here to help and are proud that INTRO Matchmaking successfully matches couples of all persuasions every day