INTRO Matchmaking | FAQs

NOOOO!!!! We are actually the exact opposite, we are an old-fashioned, face-to-face matchmaking agency that meets everyone for interview and arranges all your dates from start to finish and follows up afterwards.

All types of people! Some people tend to make the mistake of thinking this is a bit of a last chance saloon. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This is for people who know who they are and know what they are looking for; a serious, genuine, long-term relationship. People who don’t want to waste time in bars or online and want to know that the people they are meeting are as invested as they are physically, mentally and financially.

We launched Intro in 2011 and it has grown year on year ever since.

Thousands from all walks of life, but who are all looking for genuine relationships!

Not at all, it moves at whatever pace you are comfortable with and looking for, if that’s a partner rather than a spouse that is fine.

Yes, we are one of Irelands only agencies that have offices that the public can visit, we are based here on Grafton Street, just opposite Bewleys.

From 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday we are open from 9am to 3pm
(appointments only on the weekend)

We meet all our clients in person. We verify everyone's identity in advance of meeting them by taking a deposit and we also check ID’s on the day we meet for the consultation.

Yes, we have members from all 32 counties. 40% are based in the greater Dublin area and the rest are literally from all over the rest of the country.

Yes we organise 100 dates a week and we always try to keep the ratio as balanced as possible.

No! NOTHING goes online. Plus, no one gets your surname, photograph, or phone number.

Absolutely we cater for anyone looking for a genuine relationship. We don’t discriminate on any basis whatsoever.

We leave that up to the two people themselves on the date. Generally we would advise splitting the bill in the interests of fairness, although of course if one party is happy to pay and you are happy to accept that's absolutely fine!

Whatever you feel most comfortable in and what best reflects truly how you see yourself.

Everyone should make an effort and look their best without going over the top. Again, be yourself but appropriate to the venue you are dining in.

Not at all. Our current eldest member is 85. You are never to old to share your life with someone and, remember, you don’t need to want to get married.

No! So long as you are over 18 you are most welcome. We find more and more younger people are drawn to INTRO as an alternative to online, nightclubs, etc.

Of course not, you are only ever matched with someone looking for the same future goals as you are. This is something we discuss at interview, so we will only match you with a person on the same page as you in this regard.

If this is something that you are hearing from those closest to you it maybe a good idea to look at your criteria in looking for a partner. It's not about settling but rather being realistic and acknowledging that compromise is always necessary in any relationship. It is vital that people focus on a person's qualities and not the flaws. No one will ever tick all your boxes and remember, the other person has to be happy with you too. It's a two way street.

No. You are guaranteed 5 matches, but no one other than you and your match can create chemistry. We cannot make people fall in love but will only match you based on the criteria, which you have made clear is important to you at interview stage.

Yes! We have many people for you, but we don’t match based on profession and expect everyone to be open-minded. We would never define you, or any of your potential matches, solely by their profession or education.

We will always organise dates at an equidistant location and it will always be easily accessible by public transport.

No. A lot of our clients are time-poor, so we are very used to working around that.

No, it is a blind date! Of course we understand that there needs to be an attraction between two people and while looks are taken into account, we also match based on personality, values, hobbies & interests, future goals, etc. Many people appreciate the fact that Intro gives them the opportunity to shake up their usual 'type', looks-wise, and gives someone different a chance!

No. We find from experience that if numbers are swapped in advance the dates rarely materialize as people don’t make contact or else they never stop calling and you may not be interested.

Intro offers a very different experience. Matching is done by our team here in our Grafton Street office so you are always matched by humans rather than by algorithms. Privacy & confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. We are akin to a GP's surgery in that sense! Our clients are investing their time & money in a professional service, so you can rest assured that everyone shares the common goal of a genuine, long-term relationship.

We have an emergency number available to our clients for these situations. A member of the INTRO team is on call 7 nights a week and can pass on these messages.

INTRO is an ideal option for anyone who is nervous about dating, whether you are perenially single or venturing back onto the dating scene after a break up or a bereavement. We do everything possible to make things easy & comfortable for our clients. This is a very safe & respectful environment, and it's a great comfort to know that anyone you meet is in exactly the same boat, genuinely looking for something meaningful.

You must be legally separated and living apart, or at least have the legals in motion.

Yes, if you feel that you would like to have someone to call to go for dinner with, go to a show and just spend time with, then you are ready. If at any point you feel you rushed it you can pause your membership for some time until you are ready. Your INTRO membership goes at your own pace.

You don’t so you can pause your membership at INTRO for 3 months to see if it will work out.

One out of four ends in marriage or long term relationships, and one out of three of all new clients joining are from referrals from previous members that were successful.