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Let Us Introduce You


Why INTRO Matchmakers?

We are the most successful Traditional Matchmaking Agency in Ireland.

10 years in business with established procedures & practices to benefit a franchisee.

Streamlined processes to optimise efficiencies and produce potential high-level sales.

Bespoke Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) for efficient file maintenance and service provision.

Trademarked INTRO wordmark so franchisees are saved the cost of protecting their own brand and can benefit from the historical presence of the brand in search engines.

Your INTRO website is built and hosted by us.

Operational support for all aspects of business.

A comprehensive library of marketing and PR materials/assets available to use or reference including podcasts and eBook for use in Search Engine Optimisation.

Legal & business process documentation provided for the franchisee.

An owner-operated business ensuring a positive lifestyle
with remote working & flexibility.


Our Market

We provide our match-making service to a wide age group, typically from 20 to 75.

Our customers are from diverse backgrounds and different ethnic communities.

We generate a high level of referrals from satisfied customers.

Our sales have continued to grow during the pandemic.

We develop Local Agency Marketing plans with our franchise community to ensure they maximise sales potential & build their customer portfolio.

People always need love.

The Franchise Process

We take great care to affiliate with the ideal franchise partners: people who share our vision, and the determination to operate a successful traditional matchmaking agency. Our selection process involves the following steps:

Application Form

Once you have contacted us with your interest in INTRO and we have talked with you we will ask you to complete our franchise application form detailing your previous business experience, areas of interest, specific location & available funding. If our requirements match, we will invite you to Dublin to meet us.

Meet & Greet – INTRO Tour

We will meet you at our Agency Office, introduce our team and explain our franchise model in detail. We will follow this up with an area evaluation and approval of your proposed location and market.

Business Plan Submission

Once your location is provisionally approved, we will require you to submit your business plan for review to ensure that you are financially prepared and organised to open an INTRO franchise.


Once we have shaken hands on our proposed franchising partnership, the Heads of Agreement is sent, inviting you to pay a franchise deposit, confirming the commitment of both parties.

Office & Financing Secured

At this point you must ensure that funds are secured, the Agency Office is approved, and the commercial lease signed.

Signing the Franchise Agreement

Once the office lease is signed, both parties sign the franchise agreement, making you an official INTRO Franchisee. The balance of the initial franchise fee is paid when the agreement is signed.

Induction Training & INTRO Orientation

We will provide a full training programme for you and your employees at our Dublin HQ, supported by online tutorials.

New Agency Opening (NAO)

Our Franchise Community Manager will assist your new INTRO project from the initial orientation to recruiting your first client. We will assist you during the opening process and provide ongoing support to develop your INTRO Matchmaking Agency.


I am interested in opening my own INTRO Matchmaking Agency. How do I get started?

If you would like to find out more about franchise opportunities, view our introduction video to franchising here. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions below and message us using this enquiry form. We will then contact you directly.
Thank you.



    How much is the initial franchise fee?

    Our New Agency Opening, Management & Training fee is €20,000

    How much will it cost to open my INTRO matchmaking Agency?

    To open an INTRO Agency the turnkey capital cost will be approximately €40,000. This includes a provision for working capital.

    What are the continuing fees?

    The Franchise Royalty is 15% of Net Sales. There is an International Marketing Levy of 1%.

    What experience do I require to open my own INTRO Matchmaking Agency?

    We look for strong leadership, a positive attitude, and a great work ethic in our franchise partners. A business background in a customer-facing environment, with sales & administration experience, is beneficial. One of the partners should be involved on a full-time basis.

    Who will find an office for my INTRO Matchmaking Agency?

    It is the franchisee’s responsibility to identify a suitable office. We will provide the optimum office criteria and provide assistance & advise during the process.

    Will there be Induction Training & Support

    We will provide a comprehensive 1-week Orientation & Induction Training Programme at our Agency Office in Dublin.

    How long does it take to open an INTRO Franchise?

    Once your Agency Office location and has been confirmed and the commercial lease signed the process will take about 4-6 weeks to implement our NAO (New Agency Opening Plan)

    What territories are available for franchising?

    Currently we are seeking franchise partners in Europe, North America, Australasia & other global commercial hubs.

    How much return will I make on my investment?

    Financial reward varies depending on sales levels, location, market size, direct operating costs, financing terms, your ability to manage & control your business and other external factors. Prospective franchisees are obliged to conduct their own due diligence prior to signing the franchise agreement. Prospective franchise owners will have access to Commercial Key Performance Indicators during the interview process.

    Do you have a franchise brochure that I can review?

    Yes, we will email you a brochure once we have received your franchise enquiry form and contacted you directly.