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Five Dating Tips when Looking for Love 2nd Time Around

February 13, 2017 by admin

How dating has changed while you were in a relationship and how to find true love again.

‘It just used to be all so simple’. We hear this time and again from people emerging from a long-term relationship that are trying to get to grips with dating in Ireland today. You could be forgiven for thinking these are the utterances of our more elderly clientele but daters in their late twenties often feel the dating landscape is completely foreign to them when they find themselves thrust back onto the scene after a decade with the same partner.

With the exception of millennials who have never known anything but a digital age of online dating and social media, the rest of us feel somewhat daunted by the prospect of getting back on the dating horse because it is a journey into the unknown.

Here are some handy dating tips to help you find success a 2nd time:

Be Realistic

A common mistake people make having coming out of a long and unhappy relationship is looking for an unattainable trophy partner. Seeking out MUCH younger matches for instance. It is important to remember that the other person has a choice too and usually they want someone their own age that is at the same stage in life. If you strive for the unattainable you will invariably be disappointed which will affect your confidence. When you meet someone you need to make sure they will be as happy and proud to be with you, as you will be with them-so always search for your equal.

Are you Serious?

Decide if you are ready for a relationship or not. Perhaps you want a casual fling and if so, the way you approach dating will be very different. You will use Dating Apps and Free dating websites. If you want something meaningful you will use subscription dating sites like to access a more discerning dating pool that want more than just a one-night stand.

Carefully Consider Your Options

While it doesn’t seem as simple as it was, the reality is that it is easier to ‘meet’ new people than ever. While it’s still possible to stumble upon the partner of your dreams at a pub/club, this is no longer the only opportunity you have to meet someone. You can now find matches from the comfort of your own couch and that type of access is to be embraced. You can try a traditional matchmaking service that provides a personalised service, speed-dating for fun or select one of the many online dating sites on offer. Or try all of the above.

Don’t be afraid

You are not alone-there are 1.5 million single people in Ireland and those that want a relationship are easy to find if you look in the right places. If you avoid free dating sites where trolling can cause upset and stick to places where you will meet like-minded single people that want the same thing you do-a real relationship, then you will enjoy your experience and possibly meet that special someone.

Do it NOW

Life is too short to be lonely and if you don’t want to be alone there is no reason at all why you should be. Simply follow our dating advice and enjoy your adventure.