Finding your date for New Years’ Eve!

December 27, 2013 by admin

Ah yes, the single most over-rated night of the calendar year, December 31st as far back as I can remember has been the guaranteed damp squib of a night out. Even though it’s the social equivalent of the coffee chocolate in the Roses tin, none of us want to be alone for it. The speculation about who we’ll snog at midnight makes everyone single nauseously dread the turn of the year for fear of being exposed as somehow unlovable. This singletons version of the lethal injection is creeping up on us yet again with December looming and NYE waiting to make a laughing stock of anyone unlucky enough not to have a significant other at their side to make them feel valid. Even the most confident, vivacious and independent singletons are not immune to the dread of being single at midnight on the final day of the year. This may all sound very dreary and negative but let’s be honest about how these occasions can make us feel behind the “I don’t care, I looove being single” veil.

Ideally, we would all like to spend New Years Eve with a prospective match by our side. So to maximise your chances of facing in to 2013 with a date, here are some handy hints:

December is cramming month so:

A) Say yes to every social event you are invited to. Single members of the opposite sex are feeling the impending drama of NYE as much as you are so they will be equally as open to meeting someone new. Take advantage of the fact that December is the best month of the year to party – everyone is out, looking good and in the mood for romance.

B) Go on as many dates as possible. If you go out looking great and feeling positive you will be asked out-even if you don’t fall in love at first sight, accept as many dates as possible because you never know! Even if you aren’t a compatible match – maybe his/her best friend is. If you’re online dating or using a matchmaking service like Intro – go on as many dates as you can. Accept that nobody is perfect and stop saying no to people for silly reasons. If you don’t take a chance and make yourself available you will never meet anyone. Dating is nerve-racking, we know, but the more dates you go on, the more practise you’ll have and the less daunting they’ll be.

C) Tap your friends for those long-awaited introductions. There is nothing more frustrating than when your friend keeps telling you about this amazing guy/girl in work that would be “perfect” for you. And then, nothing ever materialises. It’s a mixture of laziness and not understanding that it’s lonely being single that makes friends neglect their matchmaking duties (if you’re that friend then have some consideration and DO SOMETHING). In December there can be no “there never seems to be an opportune time to introduce you” excuses because there’s always a Christmas party/gathering where your friend can finally (and seemingly organically) get you both into the same room so don’t be shy, and remind them!

D) Put yourself into situations where you might possibly meet someone. There’s no point in spending December sitting in having great dinner parties with the girls or watching the footy round your mates house-get out there and make yourself available in public-Mr. or Ms. Right will not knock on the door to deliver the Pizza.


Contingency Plan – just in case Mr. or Ms. Right doesn’t materialise during December cramming and you find yourself facing down another solo New Years Eve-get prepared:

Find out what’s on and choose the event that suits the purpose-a smooch at midnight! So no Gala Balls or Cosy Dinner parties – there will be too many couples and not enough madness. There’s nowt more grim than sitting with a bunch of loved up Marrieds pawing eachother all the way to 12.01am only to order a taxi home because they’re tired and ready for the scratcher. Choose live gigs/concerts, late bars or house parties with a vibrant crowd (be careful not to find yourself at a small gathering falsely advertised as a party – these may include small children, chips ‘n’ dips and 8 bored people huddled around the TV in party hats).

Gather your single friends – be a leader and get all of your single friends together for a big night out on NYE. Make it a big deal and if that means getting in touch with acquaintances you know are single, then do. Make a pact – if any of you meet someone nice between now and NYE then agree that you’ll still all go out as a gang – your single friends’ new partner might have some nice friends for you after all.

If all of your friends are taken then tap their partners for hot single friends. Whatever you do, make sure you’re not the only single person at the party – for your sanity.

On the big night, with your gang of singletons in tow, you’re looking fantastic and you lock eyes with a hot prospect. You hold their stare for 5 seconds, look away and then repeat 3-4 times. You’ve done some subtle recon and established no presence of a partner so you’re green to go. If midnight is fast approaching and no contact has been made then you have a duty to act. Strategically place yourself within kissing distance for the stroke of 12 – do this by taking a detour across their path to either the toilet or the bar, who cares – just do it. At the very least you’ll have tried, and better to have tried and failed…

Should you find yourself in that unenviable position of all your friends being loved up and staying in with the kids for the last night of the year then don’t start a fresh year sitting alone in front of the TV – get online and find a tour group for singles and book yourself onto an exciting trek across America or Africa. There are fantastic trips now where you know you will be in the same boat as the group you are travelling with so you might make some new friends at least – and who knows where that might end up….