Dating in Ireland: The Irish Dating Market

September 22, 2014 by admin

Here at Intro, we make it our business to know the facts about dating in Ireland. As Irish matchmakers, we take a lot of time to get to know you, potential partners for you, and even set up a great first date. Not only do we spend our days meeting people, we also research the Irish dating market. We thought a number of you would be curious to know some of the interesting facts that we’ve discovered.

Did You Know?..

Dating in Ireland – The Marriage Rate

Here in Ireland, the marriage rate has actually been in decline since 1950. In 1950, we had a marriage rate of 5.4/1000. As of 2012, it’s actually dropped down to 4.6 per 1000. If you’ve been noticing that fewer people are getting married these days compared to older generations, now you know that it’s actually a fact.

Irish Singles – Neart Na Niasc

If you were to guess how many single people exist in Ireland, what would be your guess? Would you be surprised to learn that 1.5 million single people reside in Ireland? Of course this corresponds somewhat with the drop in marriages, but there are other reasons too for the high volume of Irish singles. This all goes to make for lots of options out there. You might even say ‘tá neart na n-iasc’ – or if your ‘as Gaeilge’ is as bad as mine, ‘there’s plenty of fish’ and they’re not all in the Irish sea!

Dating in Ireland – The Single Male : Female Ratio

If you were to estimate the percentage of Irish females that classify themselves as single, what would it be? Are you on the higher end of the scale or the lower? If you guessed 39.2%, then you’re right on! That’s right, 39.2% of females in Ireland state that they’re single. As for the males? It’s a little higher at an even 44%. That’s a relatively balanced ratio of 1 : 1.12 females to males. Or to flip it around, for every single guy there’s 0.87 single females. Doesn’t sound so good that way, does it? That’s where Intro Matchmakers can help take some of the pain out of Dating in Ireland.

Just a Small Town Boy…

Let’s take into account now the Irish dating scene in rural areas versus urban areas. Which area do you believe is more likely to have a higher rate of single people? You guessed right, if you chose the urban area. In fact, urban environments have a full 10% higher single rate – 45.2% to 35.8% in rural areas. This is why it’s important to us, when performing dating in Ireland analyses, we don’t treat the country as one homogenous blob! We’re interested in multiple dimensions and love analysing the nuances to encompass small town boys and uptown girls in our market analysis (small town girls and uptown boys are included too, it just doesn’t have the same ring to it!).

Dating in Ireland – The ‘Intent’

Finally, do you think that people in Ireland value relationship more or less than the rest of Europe? It appears that Ireland leads all of Europe, when looking for commitment. A solid 30% of survey respondents in Ireland said that they were looking for marriage to come out of their next relationship. Understanding motivations and intent can be hugely important in Matchmaking and we always give our clients the time and opportunity to convey their intentions to us.

Putting it all Together to bring an Irish Matchmaking Solution to You

These statistics and more are part of what Intro has to offer all of our clients. We take our jobs very seriously and believe that knowing the facts leads to success for you and your future relationship. Contact us today to see how our extensive personalised approach will assist you in finding the perfect partner. Dating in Ireland can be made easier for you when we’re on the case!