Dating In Ireland versus America

June 26, 2014 by admin

Irish Dating v US datingIntro is your premiere matchmaking service in Ireland.

We want to find you a successful relationship and our personalized service is far superior to what you will find in an online profile dating service. We work tirelessly to get to know you, find a perfect match, and even plan out the first date. As well, we offer a ton of free dating advice via our blog. Today, we thought it would be fun to take a playful look at the differences in dating in Ireland versus America.


In Ireland, it is not uncommon for a guy to approach a lady at the pub and seek out her number. Whether it is the alcohol that gives him the liquid courage or simply genuine confidence, it is not nearly the same in America. Most couples in America usually meet in social settings (i.e. school or work) or they have been set up through friends and/or family. As well in Ireland, the guy will most likely call the girl up and he’ll recall all of their previous pub interactions. If an American were to get your number at a bar, he’d likely look through his contacts a few days later and forget who you were. Finally, there’s something to be said about the positively feisty nature of an Irish woman. If she is interested in a date, you will know about it, and be on it before you know it. An American woman is more likely to wait for you to notice the numerous subtle flirtatious hints that she’s dropped.

The Date:

Depending on your age, it may surprise you to know that dating in Ireland is a relatively new concept. Some say that America ‘invented’ the concept of dating and that it then traveled across the Atlantic. Sure, we have watched the American movies and sitcoms for years, but we’ve got a different taste for it. In Ireland, there’s an appreciation for a guy’s sensitivity and close relationship to his Mammy. This can and will likely be openly discussed during the first date and not seem uncommon. In America, the guy will likely spend the date discussing his job, his car, and his ambitions. Another difference is what the guy will wear for the first date. You’ll likely find an American male in his best duds with an aim to impress. An Irish male wants to be himself and will show up in his casual attire that allows him to be comfortable.

An Irish lady is not afraid to show her wild side on the first date. She will match you pint for pint and be willing to throw down on the dance floor. An American girl is more likely to save her wild side for a night out with the girls or much later on in the relationship. As well, you are more likely to start a first date out for coffee than going for drinks. Dating in Ireland is much more of a social event than a serious affair that it can be in America. Here in Ireland, you have got two people who are hoping to connect, but it’s not as serious. In America, the dating scene can often feel too much like a job interview. Both people focus too much on asking questions to determine compatibility instead of just having a good time.

Post Date:

In Ireland, it is not uncommon for a guy to date one girl for months at a time. Though, this shouldn’t be seen as a sign of commitment. He may decide on a whim that he is no longer interested. In America, a couple can expect that the other is seeing other people until they make the relationship ‘official’ and decide to go ‘exclusive.’ Until that point, all bets are off and no one can expect that the other is not still dating around. There is definitely more of a casual dating scene in America. One date may not lead to another and that’s a common occurrence. Both sides just move on and keep searching. In Ireland, there is more emphasis on being with one person and then seeing what happens. When the mood to date strikes, they seek out the person of interest and go all in.

Intro is your personal Irish Matchmaker

When it comes down to it, whether you are dating in Ireland or in America, you are seeking the same thing – a relationship. Sure, we may go at it differently than Americans, but the resolution is similar. We all want to find that special someone to share the rest of our lives with. Intro gets it, knows it, and lives it on a daily basis. We have excellent success at connecting couples together and can’t wait to do it for you too. Consider us your personal matchmaker that will provide all that you need to find your perfect mate.