Feargal Harrington | Dating Coach

For nearly 10 years now I’ve been speaking at length with people from all walks of life, of all ages, about all things dating. In that time I’ve been listening to people share their thoughts in the most unfiltered, vulnerable and honest way possible.

Privacy, Confidentiality and Understanding

I have been in this privileged position where I’ve been able to Listen, analyse and fully comprehend the very human challenges faced by those looking to meet their life partner. Privacy and confidentiality have always and will always be paramount, the fear of what the neighbours may say has an enormous effect on people and quite often is the reason people do NOTHING about trying to meet anybody. Generally fear of failure or in this case rejection stops people of all ages taking the plunge into the dating world.

Putting off Until Tomorrow…

Procrastination has always been a huge issue, so many people would say “I’m too busy with work right now, I’m looking after a sick relative, Maybe I’ll do it when I lose some weight”. Or they make the assumption that because the last relationship didn’t work out the future one probably won’t either. A lot of the time the glass is unfortunately half empty which is evidenced by the fact that there are 2 million unattached people in Ireland.

Matchmaking & Dating De-stigmatised!

There can be a misconception that looking for assistance to help finding love is desperate. On the contrary people are now realising more than ever that putting themselves in a pool of like minded, well intentioned people will give them the best possible chance of success so therefore it’s the most sensible choice and far more efficient than spending 3 hours a night on a dating app meeting people whose future goals are not at all in line with yours (if you can trust what they say is even half true) For 10 years we have based our policies on stats, facts and figures and analyse the data in the CSO to provide accurate up to date guidelines and to ensure we are giving people the best possible chance of success.

It’s never a simple or quick fix but with the right level of pro activity, positivity, open mindedness, willingness to travel, realistic expectations on age, non judgemental attitudes surrounding educational level, grounded level headed expectations around core values, knowing that compromise and flexibility need to at the forefront of their minds at all times, level headed and honest opinion of our own looks and what we are bringing to the table.
It’s as Easy as that…?

Post-Covid Dating

dating (post covid) will be far more enjoyable. People are more eager and willing that ever to be proactive, see the good in people. They are looking forward to engaging, making eye contact, and sharing their future intensions more than ever. Tables will be further away from each other so harder for bridie to ear wig on your first date convo.

If it’s done anything this pandemic has spurred people on to prioritise what’s truly most important to them. More important than climbing the executive ladder. It’s made us “nicer” it’s made the expectations more grounded than ever before. It’s centred our focus and there’s a determination in people’s voices now that is very optimistic and positive.

Single people all over the world will have a more open honest experience than ever before, From what I’m hearing everyday on the phone.