One Night Standers: How Dating Is Changing With Tinder Style Apps


Dating with TinderIrish dating is changing…

with the addition of Tinder style apps to the scene. As Irish matchmakers, we’re aware that our clients have tried online and mobile dating. Many come to us after failures of locating a long-term relationship from these avenues. The reason we have found is that Tinder style apps tend to lead to one-night stands. Here’s our reasons for how dating is changing due to Tinder style apps.

It’s an addictive game

To find a date before Tinder, you were likely introduced by friends, met at a pub, or went online. Now, it’s become almost an addictive game. Whenever you want, you load up the app and swipe right for pictures that you like. If they like you too, you have the ability to message them. People are now waking up in the morning and heading right to Tinder to see how many matches they can get within minutes. No longer is it about finding the one; it’s just about getting as many hits as possible.

Instant hook ups

Turn on Tinder and you can see all the users within the distance that you specify. Make a successful match, share a few messages, and shortly after, you’re able to have that person over to your place. This leads to immediate gratification, but not always long-term satisfaction. Sure, when you were in need of pleasure, they were there to fulfill your needs. But, when you’re looking for more, they may not measure up to your standards.

Low investment level

Tinder is an app that requires a low level of investment towards it. As it’s based on looks, you select a picture, and then you’re ready to go. Even with online dating, many will spend a lot of time agonizing over what to write to make the perfect profile. With Tinder, it can lead to neither side feeling the need to give much in the first date, as they know they can go on the app and likely find a match again.

As it can be an addictive game, Tinder style apps may lead to instant hook ups, but a low level invested on both parts. This is changing the dating scene in Ireland, as it’s no longer focused on the relationship but instead on the immediate gratification. Here at Intro, we provide services that lead to long-term relationships. If you’re looking for one, contact us today to learn about our services.