Episode 9: “How to deal with dating app trolls?” (with Marty Guilfoyle‪)‬

Have you dealt with backlash or bullying on dating apps? Trolls are all over the internet and they try their darndest to ruin it for everyone else, literally. Luckily enough, Feargal got to chat to the amazingly charismatic Marty Guilfoyle this week and Marty has some brilliant tools and tips on resilience and handling trolls online.

Episode 8: “You’re in there if she’s buying the drinks after the date!” (with Derry Clarke‪)‬

In our final episode of season 1 of ‘Is This Why You’re Single?’, Derry Clarke sits down with me to discuss his views and ideas on dating and relationships in Ireland. Having a birds eye view of the dating scene in Ireland running beautiful restaurants across the city has opened his eyes to some interests trends and funny stories!

Episode 7: “The greatest relationships have got to be born out of compromising” (with Brent Pope‪)

Tune into Ep 7 of “Is This Why You’re Single?” with Brent Pope! In this episode Brent discusses people’s changing criteria when it comes to that special someone as they get older and his own interest in fashion and how men tend to “let themselves go” after settling down. We can’t say we disagree with that one!!

Episode 6: “You Can Be Lonely At Any Age” (with Paul Ryder‪)‬

Thank you to Ireland’s own drag superstar, Paul Ryder for joining me on Episode 6 of “Is This Why You’re Single?” Paul chats about all things dating and relationships, the problem of loneliness in Ireland and how many of his students might come out to him before their own parents!