Rise of the Trolls – Intro’s Rena discusses the dangers of dating in the digital age with ‘Life’ Magazine

December 5, 2013 by admin in Matchmaker Says | 12

In last weekend’s ‘Life Magazine, founder of Intro Matchmaking Rena Maycock spoke to the Irish Independent about the potential pitfalls of dating in the digital age and the less than fairytale phenomenon of the internet troll… “They are the nastiest phenomenon of the social-networking generation and their growth and influence shows no sign of abating….

“If the pub don’t fit…” – Don’t stand for the bar ‘stand-off’ any more says Intro’s Rena

October 17, 2013 by admin in Matchmaker Says | 12

Dating in Ireland – if the pub ‘stand-off’ doesn’t fit your idea of a great dating opportunity in 2013 you don’t have to stand it says Intro’s Rena!… “Being the owner of a match-making agency, I hear clients recounting dating disasters every day. Some of the more familiar complaints include how dishonest people are when…