Commitment Phobia – Why some men insist on being Peter Pan

December 15, 2014 by admin in Dating Advice, Dating Disasters | 12

This post is for those that keep questioning why their man simply won’t commit. You bring it up every once in awhile and he shies away from the conversation. As professional Irish matchmakers, we’re here to explain why some men insist on being Peter Pan and will always have a strong case of commitment phobia….

Outrageous First Date Stories

August 18, 2014 by admin in Dating Disasters, First Dates | 12

  Dating in Ireland can have its ups and downs… That’s why Intro’s professional matchmaking service was created. We want to put our team to work for you! Through our personalized service, we achieve success and create long term relationships for our clientele. We have discovered a number of outrageous first date stories and wanted…


  As a professional Irish matchmaking dating agency Intro gets to know you, lines up a perfect match, and as a bonus, we set up the first date. First dates can be stressful for both parties. To help put you at ease, we’ve put together our top 5 things men DON’T want in a woman…

Body Language That Indicates It’s Time To Give Up And Go Home

Intro Matchmaking advice for dating in Ireland Dating in Ireland should be a positive experience for both parties.  Sadly, sometimes it’s just doesn’t work out.  You can’t control if your date is interested or if they’ve had a rough day prior to meeting you.  Intro provides a premium matchmaking service.  We get to know you,…