Episode 5: Learning from your mistakes (with Danny O’Brien‪)‬

In the fifth episode of ‘Is This Why You’re Single?’ comedian and all round sound guy, Danny O’Brien joins me to chat about his thoughts on the dating scene in Ireland.

Episode 4: Get therapy! (with Keith Walsh‪)‬

The ever entertaining and honest Keith Walsh joins me in episode 4 of “Is This Why You’re Single?” and shares his views on men in Ireland and their lack of self care when it comes to their mental health. He also breaks the harsh truth that “nobody is perfect”..this is news to us?!

Episode 3: Do blended families work? Of course they do! (with Luke Thomas‪)‬

In our third installment of “Is This Why You’re Single?”, Luke Thomas joins me and shares a brilliant example of how long distance relationships can work (Spoiler alert – It’s a longer journey than Clare to Galway!) We also chat about the change in the wedding scene in Ireland and how its ok that most people walking up the aisle these days are a bit older than they used to be.

Episode 2: FULL ON AUBERGINES ON THE LUAS….Not the emoji kind

On this episode of “Is This Why You’re Single?”, Feargal Harrington is joined by radio and TV presenter, Ruth Scott to discuss all things surrounding dating and relationships!