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Trimming the Tree, Dating and Love: A Metaphor for Finding Your Match During the Festive Season

November 30, 2023 by admin in Dating Advice, Dating Ireland, Latest News | 12

Some of you may say it’s a reach or stretching a metaphor beyond its elastic limit, but stay with us: the act of decorating a Christmas tree is somewhat akin to the pursuit of love—a process that involves patience, care, and a touch of magic. As the holiday season draws ever closer, households across Ireland set out on the cherished tradition of adorning their homes with festive cheer, much like the quest to find love amidst the magical backdrop of Christmas. Let us elaborate…

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Let’s Get Physical – A Note About Consent

The issue of consent has become very much, the zeitgeist, but how can men know what’s acceptable contact, and what’s not on a first date? Thankfully I have never come across a man that agrees with the entitled Trumpian view of women as pieces of meat that can be grabbed at will. Nor have I…

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Dating and Lockdown? Our Matchmakers say It’s not all Doom & Gloom!

Despite the torpor that overcomes us all during a lengthy and difficult lockdown, we’re here to say that your potential partner may already be waiting for you having reached out to INTRO to help them keep going forward with this one, very important, aspect of their lives

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Political Opinions Can Make Or Break A Potential Relationship, Will Vaccines Be Next?

As people shift their focus, in terms of dating preferences, from political opinion to opinions about the COVD19 vaccination, in 2021 are we about to see the biggest turn on or turn off no longer based on physical attraction, but instead on whether or not someone is willing to get the COVID-19 vaccine? Brace yourselves, there may just be a new dating profile ‘deal-breaker’ in town.