Cancellation Policy

INTRO Matchmaking | Cancellation Policy

Last Updated: 26th June 2021

What is Intro’s cancellation policy

A cancelled consultation at Intro equates to someone else not getting an appointment they were looking for or being left on a waitlist.

As we are meeting clients on the hour every hour 7 days a week due to high levels of demand for one to one consultations with our matchmakers, it is imperative that we try to address the balance between a lapse of memory, and a genuine reason for a missed consultation.

To do this, our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • If an appointment is cancelled within 48 hours of the consultation start time a second deposit is payable to reschedule another slot. Don’t worry, you are not losing your deposit, it just means you have paid €200 off the total cost of the membership.
  • If you do not attend your appointment and we cannot get hold of you, or if we get a voicemail, we will leave a message confirming that you had an appointment at the allotted time and request that you call us as soon as you can to reschedule.
  • You will be required to pay for this missed session, the full balance of the total fee will automatically be deducted from your card. However, this means you are a fully paid member of Intro and simply need to reschedule your profile appointment.
  • When you make your appointment and pay your deposit, you are committing to attending your profile consultation and paying the balance of your membership.
  • The aim of the cancellation policy is to ensure that those who genuinely want to receive the service, can receive it.
  • Consultations are not exploratory. Once your consultation begins, we have begun to provide you with the service and therefore full payment of the balance of the membership fee is owed during the consultation, unless a payment plan has been prearranged for you by a Director of Intro.

  • Cooling-off Period

    You have a right to change your mind and cancel when you buy a product or service online, over the phone, by mail order or on your doorstep (known as distance contracts) in Ireland.

    The cooling off period ends 14 days after you receive the goods or service. In the case of INTRO Membership, this period begins when your membership is fully paid for and confirmed to you.