Body Language That Shows Your Date Is Interested

May 30, 2014 by admin

Body Language of Irish people datiingIntro tips for dating in Ireland.

There’s nothing more frustrating than being on a date and not knowing if they’re interested.  Intro prides itself on being a full service professional matchmaking dating agency.  We find you the perfect match, create an exciting first date, and provide you tips for your date.  Today, we offer advice on how to tell if your date is interested based on his or her body language.


There are gender specific body language cues that one can be aware of (i.e. males tend to raise an eyebrow when interested, females will flirtatiously twirl their hair).  For now, we’re going to focus on general advice on body language that both genders use to display their interest.  These include proximity, eye contact, mirroring, and smiling.



This one is easy to pay attention to.  At the start of the date, it’s likely that each of you will maintain a safe distance.  How far apart is based on your personal boundary bubbles.  The closer that your date gets, the more that you know that they’re interested.


Eye contact

Unless there’s a cultural reason around avoiding eye contact, watching the eyes helps to know if your date is interested.  Pay attention to where his or her eyes go to on your person.  Are they not breaking eye contact?  Do you see their pupil dilates?  These are all signs that your date is into you.



When we are attracted to somebody, we tend to mirror his or her actions.  If you laugh, they’ll laugh too.  When you take a drink, they do too.  It can be as subtle as rubbing their elbow when you do it.  Mirroring is the body’s natural reaction to liking somebody.



It may seem obvious, but a genuine smile is your date’s body language at work.  Notice our emphasis on the smile being genuine.  A genuine smile lets you know that your date feels comfortable in your presence.  One’s smile will clearly tell you his or her feelings towards you.


Intro to Irish dating

All this advice can help you to discover if your date is interested.  Vice versa, you can use them to let your date know that you like them.  If your date is not seeing these signs, they may not try to get close, make eye contact, mirror your actions and/or smile your way.  Intro locates the perfect partner, sets up an impressive first date, and offers tips for during the date.  Quit trying the online dating route and call us today.