Body Language That Indicates It’s Time To Give Up And Go Home

Woman ignoring man on dateIntro Matchmaking advice for dating in Ireland

Dating in Ireland should be a positive experience for both parties.  Sadly, sometimes it’s just doesn’t work out.  You can’t control if your date is interested or if they’ve had a rough day prior to meeting you.  Intro provides a premium matchmaking service.  We get to know you, locate a great match, and even put together the first date for you.  Plus, we provide clear advice on how to read your date’s body language.  If you see the following signs, then it’s time to give up and go home!


Responds Poorly To Touch

If you’re on your date and want to see if your date is interested, try for a casual touch.  Whether it’s grazing their elbow or hand, make it a small gesture.  If they pull away or their upper body stiffens up, it’s a good sign that they’re not interested in you.

Keeps Their Distance

It’s natural to begin a date with some separation between you and your date.  You may sit across from each other or keep your bar stools at a distance.  As the evening progresses, try and move closer to your date.  Pull your stool closer to them or invite them to sit with you in a booth.  If they decline the offer, they’re letting you know that this date is not going well.

Offers Limited Answers

First dates are generally spent with casual conversation.  Notice if most of your questions are met with a short reply or even silence.  This is your date clearly letting you know that they are not going to let you get to know them.

Maintains A Serious Expression

When we like somebody, our eyes light up, we smile, and we have a relaxed demeanour.  Recognize if you can’t get him or her to crack a smile and/or laugh.  They may be wishing to be elsewhere and you might as well let them have their way and leave.

Use body language to help you navigate the Irish Dating Scene

Not every date is going to be a success.  It is important to recognize that everyone expresses their feelings differently.  If you’re unsure why they are giving you these negative signs, then simply ask.  If could very well be that they’re nervous, distracted, or not even aware.  Intro is a success in Ireland’s matchmaking scene for good reason.  One of which is providing excellent dating advice to our clientele.  We look forward to working with you soon. Why not give us a call now to arrange a visit.